Dan Levy’s Emotional Reaction To The End Of ‘Schitt’s Creek’, Talks ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Charity

After six seasons of making viewers laugh, “Schitt’s Creek” is coming to an end and no one is feeling it more than co-creator and star Dan Levy.

“It’s so bittersweet. It’s so bizarre. You know I’ve been crying for the better part of a year,” the actor tells ET Canada via video from Los Angeles. “I’m an emotional person at the best of times so this has really been..I know Annie [Murphy] has been making fun of me for a good nine months just about the tears that have been flowing.”

For Levy, it hasn’t just been one goodbye to the Rose family but many in the past year.

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“I’ve had to say goodbye to these characters in the writers’ room, then I had to say goodbye to these characters when we shot it, then I had to say goodbye to these characters when we edited it and now I have to say goodbye to them again now that the episodes are being put out for everyone to see,” he explains. “I thought at this point I would be less emotional than I am but there is something really beautiful about these episodes and the message of hope and love and acceptance being put out there in a time where I think people hopefully need it.”

The global pandemic has put celebration plans on hold for Levy and co-stars Catherine O’Hara, Annie Murphy, and Eugene Levy, making saying goodbyes to their show even more difficult.

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“I think it’s been really tough for us from a professional standpoint because we all hoped that we would be able to be on tour, seeing our viewers. We were going to do a couple fan events around the finale of the show and all of that is — you know everyone needs to stay safe but for us, it’s just disappointing because you want to give the fans as much of yourself as you possibly can during this time,” he says.

Levy and his castmates, however, are putting their unexpected downtime to good use, launching the charity initiative ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Gives Back on GoFundMe.

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“We were all kind of thinking, What do we do with this time? It’s not very productive to be promoting your show at this point — We’re not doing talk shows or anything like that, so how do we channel this time that we all have into something productive?” Levy asks. “So we put together the ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Gives Back initiative for Feeding America and Food Banks Canada and within 24 hours we raised close to $60,000, so it’s been unbelievable.”

Since our chat with Levy last week, ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Gives Back has now raised over $137,000 for the charities.

Following the series finale on Tuesday, fans will be treated to a “Schitt’s Creek” special which, Levy says, is “a look behind the scenes of our sixth season.”

“You get to see everything from table reads to our last day on set to everything in between,” he says. “I watched it recently and it’s pretty great; it’s pretty emotional. The finale day is going to be a really emotional time for me.”

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