Will Smith is producing some at-home content for fans.

In a newly launched Snapchat series, titled “Will From Home”, the actor hopes to entertain fans who are currently stuck in quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Smith kicked off the 12-episode series on Friday with a tour of his garage, stocked with movie memorabilia like a “Men In Black” cardboard cutout and a statue of his son Jaden.

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Smith will also feature special guests, including family members and A-listers like Tyra Banks.

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Snapchat’s Sean Mills revealed the idea for “Will From Home” came from Smith’s “pent up creative energy”, telling The Hollywood Reporter that he “was excited to do something with it in a new and different way.”

“The kinds of things that the community wants are things that are positive, that feel empowering,” Mills continued. “It’s not just about escapism but it’s about actually what is the good that can come of a challenging moment in time. ‘Will From Home’ fits perfectly with that.”

Smith enlisted Jada Pinkett Smith to help re-enact a scene from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, in which his future wife played his ex-girlfriend as they have a heated argument.

“This next piece is one of my favourite moments. I love that we did that,” Smith says in the video.

New episodes of “Will From Home” will air exclusively on Snapchat every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.