James Charles is stirring up controversy with his latest makeup look.

The famed beauty mogul, 20, took part in the viral #Mugshot TikTok challenge which has users creating makeup looks that they think would resemble their own mugshots.

In his post, simply captioned “Mugshot”, Charles blended dark eyeshadows over one eye to look like a black eye. He also put fake blood dripping from his nose.

The dramatic look was quickly hit with backlash online, with many claiming Charles was glamorizing domestic violence.

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“You know I had to have two nose surgeries due to domestic violence. My nose is still crooked. I am reminded of those moments every day. This is not a subject matter to take lightly. You should know better. You need to apologize to everyone. This is triggering and offensive,” one woman tweeted in response.

Another added, “This is not okay. I’m disappointed in you again. This is not funny or cute! As a survivor of abuse, it’s not cool.”

But Charles addressed the controversy in response to another fan, who wrote: “I don’t understand why this would be a trend. I love James but it’s not fun having your face bruised and not being able to cover them up. Maybe I’m being too sensitive but this made me feel really uncomfortable because I couldn’t take mine off. It made me feel so dehumanized.”

“Hi babe, I’m so sorry that you went through something so awful and traumatic,” Charles explained. “It’s a TikTok trend going around where people post their ‘mugshots’ and has nothing to do with domestic violence whatsoever. Love you.”

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In another tweet, he wrote, “I do understand that but this dumb trend has nothing to do with domestic abuse. What about action movies? Halloween? Special effects? Simple bloody noses? This is nothing new.”

His images of the makeup look have since been removed from social media.

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