Kiesza is bringing fans some new visuals for her latest pop dance hit “All of the Feelings” from isolation.

In an ET Canada exclusive, the Canadian pop star premieres her second music video “All of the Isolation Feelings” — a new take on her single — while much of the global population are quarantined at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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In comparison to the first music video, which shows the two-time Juno Award winner dancing in a stretched limo with friends, the second video, which is set to the same ’80s-inspired track, features Kiesza putting her ballet skills to use and dancing solo around an airy, city loft in a black, retro leotard.

Speaking with ET Canada about her inspiration, Kiesza says, “It gets really lonely and isolating when you’re locked in your house for countless weeks and I just think there’s nothing more fun than dancing around. It’s like something I do when I’m cleaning and, honestly, me dancing around an apartment is not unheard of, so I just thought it would be fun to do something more considering the situation.”

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In the summer of 2017, the “Hideaway” singer’s life paused when she was hit by a taxi in Toronto and was forced to spend two years in recovery. However, Kiesza says that the experience has made her “a bit of an expert at isolation.”

“I just came out of a two-year brain injury and that was essentially a two-year isolation in many ways,” she tells ET Canada. “So, a lot of people have actually been reaching out to me and asking questions on how I got through that, which is nice being able to help people a little bit.”

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Opening up about the biggest lesson she learned during her recovery, Kiesza says, “I learned not to attack myself, essentially. When you get locked into your own home or when you can’t process your energy in the ways that you’re used to, a lot of the junk that you normally get out of your system through movement or through connections with people or through your work, it’s stuck inside of you and it tends to vibrate and come to the surface. And I think a lot of people find themselves getting stuck in their head or attacking themselves mentally and that’s not abnormal; that’s very normal. And that’s what I first dealt with.”

Adding that there is “a lot of growth that can happen through this time,” she continues, “I didn’t see it as an opportunity at first. But now, coming out of it, looking back, I know that it was a bit of a blessing in disguise.”

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With her more recent time in isolation, Kiesza says she has been keeping busy writing new music daily and has “already begun another album” ahead of the release of her second studio album, which is expected to debut in May.

Revealing what fans can expect from her second studio album, she says, “They can just expect this whole album to be upbeat and positive. It’s very much a mood and it’s definitely a pick-me-up album.

“From going through such a hard time, I wanted to write something and come out of it just positive as a distraction and I still have a lot to get out of my system from what I went through but I just wanted to get into a different headspace and also help other people get into a more positive, upbeat headspace, so that’s what this album is about. It’s really fun.”