Charli XCX Announces ‘How I’m Feeling Now’ Album For April 15

Charli XCX is releasing a new project very soon.

The “Boys” singer announced her fourth studio album How I’m Feeling Now will drop on April 15. Charli announced the album on a Zoom chat from self-isolation.

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“The idea of the album is that it’s going to be very DIY, very indicative of the times that we’re in,” the English singer revealed. “I’m going to basically be making it live from scratch — there are a couple ideas in the works, but basically I’m starting from nothing.”

“I’m only going to be using the tools I have in my fingertips, the people who I can reach online, the things I have in my house to create my music, my artwork, my videos, to create everything,” she added. “Obviously I’m a very collaborative artist, and I suppose in some ways this will be my most collaborative project because I want to open up the process to all of you, all of my fans.”

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Charli assured: “I’ll be sharing every single step of the way.”

The songstress revealed she had a separate album prepared before deciding on How I’m Feeling Now. She has opted to put the other project on ice in light of global circumstances.

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