Catherine O’Hara Teaching Moira Rose’s Vocabulary Along With Other Life Lessons Is The Only Thing You Need To Watch

On Monday night Catherine O’Hara took over “Schitt’s Creek” Instagram Live to teach everyone Moira Rose’s vocabulary.

Forget home school kids, this is all you will need to learn.

Blurring the lines between herself and her character, O’Hara became “Canada’s mom” as one Twitter user put it as she taught everyone new words along with a lesson in love.

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“We will hold each other and we will ‘swavitate’ and there will ‘abligurition’ and ‘paizogony’ and ‘anaxiphilia’ once again, they will rule the day,” she told viewers.

“‘Swavitate’ is of course kiss, ‘abligurition’ is excess spending on food and drink, ‘paizogony’ is heavy petting…love play. Love play, that’s a nicer way of saying it,” the actress decided on.

She then defined anaxiphilia as a right to go back to, “especially as young people, your right to fall for people who are no way worthy of your love.”

“But that’s okay, that’s what we do,” she added.

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O’Hara also had a suggestion for what everyone should do when quarantine is over.

“Perhaps, when we get back to once was… a little laptea now and then,” she mused. “A laptea is a very crowded tea party in which guests sit on each other’s laps.”

Twitter loved every moment and made sure to share it on Twitter:

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