The Weeknd Drops New Video For ‘Until I Bleed Out’

The Weeknd is bruised, battered, and beaten in his video for “Until I Bleed Out”, the latest single from his new album After Hours.

In the video, the Toronto-born rapper is in the midst of a confetti-filled celebration, his face bloody while a bandage covers the bridge of his nose.

He catches the eye of a woman across the room… just as his eyes flutter and he collapses to the ground in slow motion.

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Struggling to get himself up, he lies on the floor in a pile of colourful confetti.

Is it real? A hallucination? In any case, the video is a continuation of the story that began in his video for “Heartless” and continued in subsequent videos for “Blinding Lights” and “In Your Eyes”.

The Weeknd also sported the same bloodied-up look when he performed on “Saturday Night Live” earlier this year. Watch:

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