Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have been best friends for years, and the pair took a walk down memory lane on Tuesday by looking back at the first time they met — the parts they can remember, anyway.

Timberlake joined Fallon on the newest episode of “The Tonight Show: Home Edition”, and the host had an important question to ask, inspired by his notes for their interview.

“Do you remember the first time we actually ever met?” asked Fallon, who couldn’t remember if it was on the set of “Saturday Night Live” or the MTV Video Music Awards. Ultimately, the pair recalled that it was at the 2002 VMAs.

“I remember being backstage with you at the VMAs when we shared dressing rooms kind of. We were almost connected… I remember I was pacing down stairs and I think I was dressed as a  superhero or something,” recalled Fallon, who served as the show’s host. “I was like pacing, and I’m like, ‘I’m so nervous! I hope this hosting thing goes well because you know, if I host this and that’s my career.’ And you go, ‘Yeah well, this is my first solo thing ever, so…'”

That night proved to be a milestone in Timberlake’s career, as he made his debut as a solo artist with a live performance of his soon-to-be-hit single “Like I Love You”, which had not yet been released.

“No one even heard what you sounded like as a solo artist,” Fallon remembered.

“In retrospect, maybe not the greatest decision. Maybe I should have put the song out first so people knew who I was,” Timberlake said with a laugh.

While it was the first time the pair had met, it proved to be the start of a close friendship, built on their chemistry and senses of humour.

“I remember we were both nervous. But the funny thing about our friendship even when it first started is that… nothing was that serious,” Timberlake explained, recalling how, even backstage at the VMAs, “We kind of like, we started doing bits back and forth. You know, and that’s all we do now.”

Timberlake joined Fallon via video chat to promote the upcoming release of the animated family comedy “Trolls World Tour”, which Universal is releasing digitally, due to the closure of movie theatres across the country amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

“What’s great about this one is we’re using, you know, different genres of music to kind of bring the message home to young people — and probably remind some older people, too — that we’re all different and that should be celebrated.”

Tuesday also marked the release of a new music video collaboration between Fallon and Timberlake, called the “Quarantine Remix”, shot entirely at their homes and played out by household objects, then remixed and edited together into a catchy tune.

At the end of Tuesday’s “Tonight Show”, Fallon shared a sweet goodbye with his bestie, telling Timberlake, “Dude, I miss you and I can’t wait to see you in person and give you a hug, man.”

Check out the video below for more on the pair’s high-profile bromance.

“Trolls World Tour” comes out April 10.


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