Ellen DeGeneres joked about her wife Portia de Rossi’s cooking as she chatted to Jimmy Kimmel during his show Tuesday.

Kimmel first asked DeGeneres her opinion on his wallpaper, which a lot of viewers have criticized, before going on to ask about de Rossi’s cooking.

DeGeneres said, “We’re trying to support the restaurants here to. We just went through the fires and mudslides up here, everybody was just getting back to normal.”

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She added of her other half, “She’s gotten pretty good at it [cooking]. She’s good at slicing her fingers. One time someone told her to use a mandoline instead of a cheese grater, so she used a mandoline but she didn’t know there was a plastic thing that you were supposed to hold the thing with. So then she sliced her finger.”

As Kimmel asked if it was true de Rossi touched an electric fence on the same day as slicing her finger, DeGeneres confirmed it was, adding: “She was electrocuted trying to pet a horse.

“It’s safer when she doesn’t cook and she just stays inside.”

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DeGeneres and Kimmel also spoke about social distancing, going for hikes and how strange it’s going to be when all this eventually blows over. See more in the clip above.