Drew and Brittany Brees chat with Ellen DeGeneres about football, social distancing, and more on Wednesday’s edition of her show.

The couple reveal how they’ve been homeschooling their four kids during this tough time, with Drew insisting Brittany is doing the hard work.

He shares, “We’re making the boys call her Mrs. Brees, bring her shiny red apples…” as Brittany jokes: “I flunked two kids already and I may be fired for drinking on the job, so it’s not going well.”

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The New Orleans Saints quarterback, who donated $5 million to help the state of Louisiana for coronavirus relief with his wife, also has a message of hope for everyone right now, telling the camera: “We’re going to get through this but we need to get through it together. We all need to lean on one another.

“It’s a bit of a ‘love your neighbour, take care of your neighbour, look out for your neighbour,’ everybody has a part in these relief efforts, in this recovery.

“The responsibility to do the right thing and protect your family, keep them out of harm’s way, and at the same time that keeps others out of harm’s way as well.

“This is not an easy situation. So many families have been thrust into really difficult circumstances. Nothing is normal, but it has to become the new normal,” he adds.

Drew gives an update on his coach Sean Payton, who has now been cleared following his battle with COVID-19, insisting he’s good, and shares his thoughts on the future of the NFL and playing games without fans.

“When that was first said, that was the first time I thought about playing a really meaningful game in a situation where you don’t have any fans,” Drew says. “You’re used to those loud, electric atmospheres so I think it’d be really weird.

“Maybe you just click in and you’re in the zone. I think the American people need sports right now.”

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