Canadian duo Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine are back with a music video for their new single “Want You Back”.

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Filled with confetti and stuffed animals, the visual for the group’s latest track is nothing short of spectacular.

The vision behind the music video? Woods tells ET Canada’s digital reporter Morgan Hoffman that they didn’t want to take it “overly seriously.”

“It’s straight-up just confetti. It’s just Jamie and I having a lot of fun,” he reveals.

“We wanted to sort of balance out the dark lyrics in the song while still playing to the playful nature of the actual production.”

Adds Woods: “We wanted to make a tune that just kind of felt like overly exciting and I think that’s what we tried to do with the music video as well. We just tried to make it very inclusive.”

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This music video release is slightly different for the duo as they’ll be chatting with their fans as it premieres on YouTube.

“We’re really excited to kind of see what audience we have. We want to have fun with people, too,” Fine says.

“We’ve seen a couple of edits but I don’t think I’ve seen the final [music video]. But I’m so pumped.”

Check out the official music video for “Want You Back” above.

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