Joy Behar is not planning on retiring from “The View”.

Behar, 77, touched on a potential retirement as confirmed by Variety based on an interview with the co-host in Ramin Setoodeh’s Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of ‘The View’.

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“I have a three-year contract,” Behar said in the book. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t leave if I want to, because they can’t really do anything to me at this point. I don’t see myself staying for more [time]. That’s it! I could be wrong. If I’m as fabulous in [2022] as I am now, I’ll think about. But the chances of that happening… You know, time marches on. I’m not a kid.”

Following the breaking news, a rep for Behar shutdown retirement talk.

“This is not true,” Behar’s spokesperson told Entertainment Tonight. “Joy was asked what happens at the end of her contract and as she herself made clear in the interview, if she’s ‘as fabulous in [2022] as I am now,’ she will be in her seat at the table.”

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Behar herself brushed off the retirement rumours on Thursday’s episode of “The View”.

“Rumours of my retirement have been greatly exaggerated Where am I going? What will I do?!” Behar exclaimed. “I don’t see how I could leave. As of today, I’m going nowhere.” Her co-host Megan McCain chimed in, “I read it online. None of us are leaving. It’s not an option.”