Rebecca Black Dishes On Her Sexuality: ‘The Word Queer Feels Really Nice’

Rebecca Black has done a lot of soul-searching when it comes to her sexuality.

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Black recently appeared on the “Dating Straight” podcast and dished on her romantic life. Black, 22, is coming off a longterm relationship with her now ex-girlfriend. The “Friday” singer never really publicly acknowledged her sexuality in a definitive way.

“I made a conscious decision not to ‘come out.’ I guess people starting asking and I stopped not responding. I’m still in the process it feels like,” Black said. “It’s something over the past few years, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with myself and my friends and my family.”

“To me, the word queer feels really nice,” she said of defining her sexuality. “I’ve dated a lot of different types of people and I don’t really know what the future holds.”

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Black has continued to churn out music following the viral nature of her “Friday” music video in 2011. She appeared on “The Four” in 2018 and released three non-album singles in 2019.

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