Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus are keeping busy during their coronavirus quarantine time together.

The Australian singer, 23, joined Brooke Reese via FaceTime on Apple Music Wednesday to chat about his new single “Captain’s Dance With the Devil”, new poetry book Prince Neptune and his superstar girlfriend.

“As you can tell, we’ve been getting a little bored in the house. Miley buzzed it off yesterday. So that’s where we’re at these days,” Simpson joked, revealing, “You’re the first interview I’ve done with my buzz cut.”

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And on the topic of Cyrus, Simpson says the pair have been keeping busy with some “weird” activities.

“We’ve just been buzzing hair, cooking like weird, weird, elaborate meals… doing all kinds of random things,” he said. “I’ve been making like strange EDM beats on my laptop. I have just been doing all these random things that I wouldn’t usually do. It’s actually been a really nice experimental period.”

But Simpson promises his new single, “Captain’s Dance With the Devil”, is not EDM.

“I was beginning work on the full-length album sort of right as all of this sort of started happening. So I’ve been doing as much as I can from home at the moment. And as soon as everything cools down, I’m going to jump right back in and finish up the record,” he explained. And it’ll be my first full-length LP probably in about five years, since my first independent release. But this poetry book really is a pivotal point in establishing a new era for me creatively. And I think these two songs work really well with the book. But I’m excited to be working on, for me, really the first album as an adult.”

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“I completed the book late last year. And around the same time, I wrote two songs that thematically seem to be in conjunction with the book,” Simpson continued. “And I wanted to put a couple out around it. The first one being ‘Captain’s Dance with the Devil’, which is kind of a short narrative story about a young man at sea pretty much. And the second one being a song called ‘Castle Walls,’ which is kind of about love and about freedom and about kind of a breaking down of barriers between you and somebody else. And both songs kind of touch on themes of freedom and liberation and rebellion in a sense. And these are all things that I touched on weaved in sort of oceanic and aquatic metaphor, which is kind of what I did throughout the whole poetry book itself.”

“Captain’s Dance With the Devil” drops Friday while Prince Neptune is available now.

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