Every moment of Maggie Simpson’s life was leading to this playdate.

Disney+ announced a new animated short film titled “Maggie Simpson in ‘Playdate with Destiny'” will stream Friday, April 10, on Disney+. “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening announced the animated short with a handwritten note.

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“Greetings, friends! Earlier this year, we made a nifty little short film called ‘Playdate with Destiny’. The response was so gratifying we wanted everyone to see it at home,” Groening wrote. “So here ya go.”

The pint-sized film kicks off when a dashing, heroic young baby whisks Maggie from danger and steals her heart.

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“After a blissful first playdate, Maggie can’t wait to see her new baby beau again the following day,” a press release explains, “but things don’t go exactly as planned. Will fate (or Homer) get in her way?

You can watch “Maggie Simpson in ‘Playdate with Destiny'” exclusively on the Disney+ streaming platform.