Sarah Hyland learned a lot about herself over the last decade-plus on Global’s “Modern Family”.

In conjunction with the series finale, Glamour published an essay by Hyland reflecting on how the show has shaped her. Hyland, 29, first touched on what her career was like before taking on Haley Dunphy.

“’Modern Family’ was my first comedy — the first sitcom I’d ever done,” Hyland wrote. “I had been in the industry 14 years, and all I ever did was crime or dramatic shows, whether it was about murdering someone or being too ugly to lose my virginity.”

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“I didn’t do a lot of funny things,” she continued. “It was all very, very serious dramatic work.”

Hyland thanked her “Modern Family” family for teaching her so much about acting. She also admitted she was not all that emotional heading into the final day on set.

“I’m just so grateful for the last 11 years. Leading up to the finale, I was in denial and started to feel guilty that I wasn’t getting sad like everyone else,” she shared. “But then, during the taping of the last episode, I saw Ty Burrell with tears in his eyes.”

“There’s something about seeing your dad cry that makes you want to cry. I started bawling, which actually made me feel really happy,” Hyland wrote. “I was like, I’m not an ice queen!”

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Then came the group hug.

“In the end, all of us — me, Ty, Julie, Ariel, Nolan — were in each other’s arms and sobbing,” she revealed. “It was really amazing and cathartic to be able to have that with everyone.”

The “Modern Family” series finale aired last night on Global.