She is known for her roles on “That ’70s Show” and “Orange Is the New Black”; now, Laura Prepon is making her mark in her role as a mom.

While chatting with ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey, the actress discusses the challenges of motherhood in her new book, You and I, As Mothers and what life is like as a mom of two.

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“Right now it’s so surreal with everything that’s going on right now, thank goodness my son came before everything got really crazy,” she shares.

Adds Prepon: “There are so many things that aren’t talked about, there are so many things that we deal with, I felt like we weren’t having a really open conversation about it… there’s kind of this shame around especially as a working mother that we don’t have it all figured out.”

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However, in her new book, the 40-year-old is taking on that conversation, sharing her personal struggles with motherhood and life with her own mom.

“There are so many incredible things that she taught me, and there’s a lot of dysfunction she taught me as well,” Prepon says, after recently revealing her mother taught her to be bulimic.

“It’s complicated with parents…and that’s why I write about it. It’s a conversation to have and it’s something to look at,” expresses the actress.

“I really want my book to help build community — and a really supportive community. I feel like this is one of the first steps. Sharing your truths.”

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