‘The Bachelor’ Alum Cassie Randolph Urges People Not To Go To SeaWorld In New PETA Campaign

“The Bachelor” alum Cassie Randolph is the latest star to team up with PETA, launching a campaign aimed at helping marine life.

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The 24-year-old may be in quarantine right now with her boyfriend Colton Underwood, who recently announced he has recovered fully from COVID-19, but in the new campaign Randolph is trapped inside a glass tank, echoing the conditions that the mammals at SeaWorld live in.

The ad reads: “If you think isolation is hard, try it for 30 years. Don’t go to SeaWorld.”

Photo: Brian Bowen Smith
Photo: Brian Bowen Smith

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“I live by the beach, so marine life is really important to me,” the California native says in an accompanying video.

Continues Randolph: “When I’m out there on the beach and in the ocean surfing, I’ll see dolphins. It’s really amazing to see ’em out there. And the fact that people would take them from their natural environment and their families and their life is just so sad because really, people are doing it for money and for entertainment.”

“It’s important to not visit these places that are putting their mammals in captivity. I don’t think people are really aware of how sad their lives really are when they’re there,” she adds.

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Check out her campaign video and photo above.

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