Bernie Sanders ended his presidential bid on Wednesday, and Cardi B is not happy that the Vermont senator dropped out of the race.

The longtime Sanders supporter took to her Instagram Stories for an epic rant, blasting Sanders’ followers for not turning up in larger numbers to vote.

“I’m really upset at everybody, because as you guys know… Bernie dropped out of the race,” Cardi said. “I see a lot of young people on the Internet always lying… I’m getting sick of y’all. I’m about to start hanging out with my grandma’s friends. Because they vote. Y’all motherf**kers don’t vote, and that s**t is getting me tight.”

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She continued to take Sanders legions of young supporters to task. “Y’all wasn’t voting, y’all wasn’t voting… what the f**k was up with that?”

She pointed out that older people tend to turn up at the polls more than younger folks, and issued a stern warning to the “Bernie Bros” considering not voting in November out of protest, as they did when Sanders dropped out of the race in 2016.

“Now we gotta go for Biden,” she said, admitting she doesn’t know much about his position, but would far prefer him over another four years of Donald Trump. “I do not want 45 [Trump] to be president again, now y’all this s**t is very f**king serious,” she said. “Right now? The state that America is in? We got no time to f**king play around. You really got think about yourself. Right now we’re about to motherf**king go through another recession.”

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She warned her fans to “buckle up,” insisting things are not going to magically go back to the way they were after the “Barona virus” pandemic dies down. “And guess what? Do you really want 45 to be in charge of the recession?”

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