Being stuck at home during a pandemic is a great time to play with toys.

On Thursday, Anna Kendrick appeared on “The Tonight Show” remotely and talked to Jimmy Fallon about her life under self-isolation.

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She revealed that during this time she’s actually become very obsessed with building LEGOs.

“Well, I feel like one weird thing that’s happening is, like, I’m my own, like, kid and mother,” Kendrick told the host. “Like, I feel like a kid because there’s, like, nothing to do and I’ve got all this, like, pent-up energy and I’ll, like, try to be responsible and, like, do emails and, like, clean something. And I’ll have this conversation with myself like, ‘Mom, can I, like, do some LEGOs and watch ‘West Wing’?’ And like, ‘Yeah, mom says it’s okay. Yeah, alright!'”

Asked about her new LEGO hobby, Kendrick admitted, “I’m doing too much LEGOs, like, I’ve never really done, like, LEGOs—like, the LEGO kits. Turns out, LEGOs are amazing. It’s so much fun. It shouldn’t be this fun. I’m a grown up, what’s happening?”

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The “Trolls: World Tour” actress then showed off her LEGO Millennium Falcon from “Star Wars”, which she recently completed.

“That’s the biggest one!” Fallon remarked

“Well, I think the Death Star’s the biggest one. Actually…” Kendrick corrected him, to which he responded, “You’ve become, like, a LEGO nerd.”

Kendrick then added “Like, I’m obviously gonna, like, take it apart and I’m gonna, like, you know, give it to a kid when this is all over. But, like, it’s hard for me to not wanna, like, build a shelf of, like, all of the LEGOs that I made. Because I do feel weirdly proud of it. Like, when you make an IKEA piece of furniture and you’re like, ‘Maybe I’m a carpenter? Maybe I’m amazing at this?'”