Jimmy Fallon and Questlove really, really love the Beastie Boys.

On Thursday’s “The Tonight Show”, the duo interviewed Adam “Ad-Rock” Horvitz and Michael “Mike D” Diamond via video chat.

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Questlove and the Beastie Boys soon began reminiscing about touring together, as well as their careers, and music they may regret.

“It’s not that I think anything less of Paul’s Boutique… What we remember about our records are not the things that are good about them,” Mike D said of the group’s seminal 1989 album. “Like, there’s a song on Paul’s Boutique…“What Comes Around”. We clearly should have left that song off that album.”

Questlove also told a story about coming upon late Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch sitting along at a party.

“He’s talking to us about enlightenment and how his life has changed, all these things,” he recalled. “And me and Kamal [Gray] just looked at each other like, ‘Oh wow, this isn’t going to be a tour with girls? It’s going to be about responsibility and spirituality?’”

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Meanwhile, on social media, the Beastie Boys took a stand against racist attacks on Asian people in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, reminding fans, “We’re all in this together.”