Dwayne Johnson, like many people, is having good days and bad days in self-isolation.

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“The Rock” spoke with California Governor Gavin Newsom on Friday via Instagram Live for a discussion about the COVID-19 crisis. Johnson, 47, shared his own experiences from isolation and offered his analysis on the global reaction to the novel coronavirus.

“I think when we’re dealing with global grief, there’s a heaviness there in the air and we recognize that,” Johnson said. “When we are self-distancing, there [are] the immediate, sudden changes that happen, then there are the deaths that are happening all around us,” Johnson said. “There’s the unemployment, then there’s the fear of the unknown.”

“It’s been about 50/50,” the wrestler-turned-actor said of his own ups-and-downs. “I’ve had some really good days, where I feel anchored and balanced, and I feel optimistic and hopeful, and then the opposite side of that: honestly days where I’m wobbling because you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

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Ultimately, “The Rock” tried to spread a message of hope to his audience. He urged them to “do everything we can to be part of the cure” and to “hold onto that fundamental quality of faith — not necessarily a religious faith — but just a faith that things are going to be OK. Focus on what you can control.”