John Oliver has found the latest target for his coronavirus ire: Amazon.

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On Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight”, the host spotlighted the story Amazon worker Chris Smalls, who organized a walkout over working conditions and lack of paid sick leave at the company, and was then fired.

“According to Amazon, he was let go for ‘putting the health and safety of others at risk’ by ‘violating social distancing guidelines’ and ‘orders of quarantine,'” Oliver said. “But leaked notes from an internal meeting days later, in which [Amazon CEO Jeff] Bezos himself was present, showed the company’s leadership discussing plans to make Smalls the ‘face of the entire union/organizing movement’ since ‘he’s not smart or articulate.'”

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He added, “Which, holy s**t! That is so racist I can’t even point out how smart and articulate Smalls is without also sounding racist.”

Noting that Amazon has “now made their sick leave policy more lenient for their heroes,” Oliver added that only took place “after they got letters from 14 state attorneys general saying their initial policy was ‘inadequate to protect the public health.'”