Elizabeth Hurley is going to be on the lookout for love when the coronavirus outbreak eventually blows over.

Hurley told Hello! magazine she’s been in isolation with eight family members and friends, including her son Damian and mother Angela.

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The actress, who has dated the likes of Hugh Grant and cricketer Shane Warne in the past, said of her love life: “I’d love to fall madly in love with someone, which certainly won’t happen whilst I’m locked down with blood relatives.

“Maybe when it’s over I’ll put my headlamps on full beam and make an effort.”

She continued, describing what it’s been like quarantined along with her extended family. “There are nine of us. I have my whole family here, including my mother, an aunt and a friend who has severe respiratory problems,” she said.

“I am completely paranoid that I won’t be able to keep them safe, and I haven’t let anyone leave the house apart from me,” added Hurley. “I just nip out to local food stores and wear a mask and gloves. I’m terrified of bringing the virus back to my vulnerable guests.”

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Hurley was also asked if she saw herself still modelling swimwear in her 60s, to which she replied: “I sincerely hope not. I’ll definitely still wear it though.”

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