Alison Brie talks about her battle with body dysmorphia and depression in a new interview with Women’s Health.

The 37-year-old, who stars in the hit Netflix series “GLOW”, still grapples with body dysmorphia: “Oh definitely. Still do! I go back to red carpet photos where I thought I looked so horrible, and there are some where I now think, God, I looked beautiful. And I’ll remember: An hour before that I was in tears; I thought I was so disgusting. I think it’s something I’ll probably be working through my whole life. And depression, too.”

Credit: Aingeru Zorita for Women’s Health
Credit: Aingeru Zorita for Women’s Health

Brie, who credits strength training for helping her battle with body dysmorphia, explains how her family have a history of mental illness, including her maternal grandmother who had schizophrenia and went through periods of homelessness.

“The rest of my family then dealt with the trickle-down effects of trauma. And that meant depression more than anything.”

Credit: Aingeru Zorita for Women’s Health
Credit: Aingeru Zorita for Women’s Health

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Brie adds her own depression “comes out of nowhere and really blindsides me.”

“When I’ve been in a really serious depression, I’ll drag myself to a yoga class – even if I don’t want to be around people – tears streaming down my face,” the star shares. “But, get in class, get out of your head, get blood flowing. It ends up helping eventually.”

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Brie then discusses her marriage to Dave Franco and how it’s helped her work through her mental health: “I’m so lucky I’m married to a really wonderful, open person. We have great lines of communication and I can talk often about my feelings.

“It’s been funny talking to him about it. He said, ‘Before I knew you, I’m not sure I believed body dysmorphia was a real thing.’ It’s so interesting to me what you see – and what I’m seeing when I’m looking at you – and the frank discussions we have about it.’”

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