Paul McCartney praised “special” Billie Eilish during a chat with Howard Stern.

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The Beatles icon explained how his daughter Stella McCartney had FaceTimed him from Glastonbury: “Stella FaceTimed me with Billie and her family because she wore some of Stella’s clothes on Glastonbury when she played it, so they were there. It was great to sort of chat with them and stuff,” NME reported.

The musician added of Eilish and her brother Finneas creating some of her biggest hits in their bedroom, “For them, it’s brilliant. And what they produce from the bedroom is really very special.”

McCartney went on, “The memories of going into EMI Studios and to Abbey Road and the thrill of being some kid who’d been in his bedroom long enough, thank you very much, and getting out to this beautiful studio and being on almost kind of office hours — two songs in the morning, lunch, two songs in the afternoon, good night. Four songs a day we were banging them out, it was so exciting… I wouldn’t swap that for anything.”

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He also spoke about Glastonbury 2020 being cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. He was set to headline the huge U.K. festival.

McCartney told Stern, “What’s disappointing for me is the people who bought tickets, who were looking forward to this and thinking here’s something groovy to do in the summer, and suddenly the plug is pulled, and we can’t come around and play for them.

“It’s sad for us, too – we were looking forward to that.”