Kyle Richards Teases ‘Salacious’ Brandi And Denise Rumour In The Season Premiere Of ‘RHOBH’: ‘I Know What I Believe’

While Los Angeles remains in lockdown, Kyle Richards is preparing herself for the premiere of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Slice.

“I can’t say ‘excited’ is the term I would use for when the show airs, I get anxious,” explained Richards to ET Canada in an interview on Wednesday. “I think I can speak for everybody in saying that because we have text messages going back [and forth] between how anxious we are.”

Ahead of the season 10 debut of the reality show on April 15, as the only member of the original “RHOBH” cast still in the show, Kyle Richards spoke to ET Canada about why fans of the franchise will be shocked this season.

“I think the biggest surprise will be what happens with the drama and how it all unfolds,” she told us. “How it affects the group, and how it changes the dynamic with everyone.”

The “drama” Kyle is referring to is teased throughout the Season 10 trailer. As fans of “RHOBH” know, this season will address the conflict and rumours swirling between cast member Denise Richards and former cast member Brandi Glanville, who alleged that the two had an affair while Richards was married. The rumour, Kyle said, will change the cast dynamic this season.

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“It just created a lot of conflict in the group and it sort of divided everybody,” Kyle admitted. “The biggest issue was – when Denise started not showing up. And not wanting to show up. Because for me after being here for 10 years honestly there’s so many times I wish I could have done that! I didn’t even think was an option! I just think that no matter what happens you show up because that’s what you sign up for.”

As for whether she’s taking Brandi or Denise’s side? “I know what I believe… you’ll see what I believe in the show. I want you to make your own opinion. But yeah I definitely have my opinion.”

This season also marks the first without Lisa Vanderpump, following conflict from last season which saw Lisa abandon production, even before filming the reunion.

Despite having done the show with Lisa for so long, Kyle said she didn’t feel an absence this year: “I don’t think it really changed anything for me, I never think of it like that. We’re an ensemble cast and I just work with all these women who all have so much going on in their lives.”

Besides the Denise and Brandi rumours, Kyle shared that she will also have some conflict of her own, with castmate Dorit Kemsley.

She revealed, “What I love about Dorit is that she is fun and funny and she just has a great sense of humour. But with that said, we are very different people and we do butt heads at times… I’m a really emotional person – so when we have fights, I just am really emotional. I get really upset.”

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Having seen tonight’s episode for the first time, Kyle joked about already having some questions for Kemsley. “I saw some comments in the first episode that I’m like, what is she talking about? Now I’m mad at her again!”

In light of social distancing rules across the globe, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” are trading in a traditional premiere party to connect with fans on social media. Kyle will be going live on Twitter and Instagram to chat with fans during the premiere. She told ET Canada, “We’re sort of doing our own little premiere party I guess. Our social media premiere

As for spending this time in lockdown at home, Kyle told us: “As a mom, I mean, I can’t say I hate having all four of my kids home! It’s actually been the silver lining in all of this.”

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, season 10 premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Slice.

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