Pussycat Dolls’ Carmit Bachar Says Group Almost Got Locked Down Abroad: ‘We Didn’t Know If We Could Get Out’

Carmit Bachar says The Pussycat Dolls were nearly stuck in the U.K. amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Bachar has been touring more than ever following the PCD’s return for global domination. It was hard enough for Bachar to be away from her daughter, but the circumstances only got worse as the novel coronavirus tightened its grip on the global community.

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Carmit Bachar. Photo: Mr. Warburton
Carmit Bachar. Photo: Mr. Warburton

”I’ve never been away from my daughter that long, I have shed tears over leaving her and until now our schedule has been insane,” she tells Mr. Warburton for the magazine’s cover issue. “I was quarantined in my hotel room in the Uk terrified that they would close the borders, I was worried for myself, our fans and especially for my family at home. We didn’t know if we could get out.”

She also touches on the struggles she and her fellow Pussycat Dolls have experienced. Bachar, for example, endured years of bullying and corrective surgery for her cleft lip and palate.

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Carmit Bachar. Photo: Mr. Warburton
Carmit Bachar. Photo: Mr. Warburton

“The ladies and I have all been through so much, sharing our very life-altering issues from Nicole [Scherzinger]’s bulimia, Jessica [Sutta]’s sobriety, and my life long struggle with my cleft,” Bachar says. “All of us together have leaned on each other and have so much respect for everything we have been through, it has made us stronger as women and performers.”

The Pussycat Dolls made an emphatic return to the music industry in 2019 when they reunited on the U.K.’s “The X Factor”.

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