Forget about a new frontier, Ryan Reynolds just wants to be bored again.

Reynolds, 43, is selling T-shirts with proceeds benefiting healthcare workers and communities most impacted by the spread of COVID-19. The Canadian darling will be the first to point out the shirts are woefully plain.

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“Don’t you miss boring?” he asks. “Well, today we’re uniting to bring boring back as quickly as possible. So quickly that it gets exciting. We’re asking every Canadian to purchase this T-shirt and, as you can see, it’s boring as f**k. It’s a black shirt, white type, not even a Serra font.”

“It’s like we put no thought into this whatsoever,” Reynolds asserts. “Plus, it comes in up to one colour.”

The critically acclaimed “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” actor says the shirt is so boring that it renders the wearer invisible (Reynolds’ mother-in-law has been looking for him for days now.).

“Why are we doing this?” he adds. “Well, 100 per cent of the proceeds of this horrific shirt are going to go to buying PPE (personal protective equipment) to frontline personnel and our most vulnerable communities.”

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“I know that’s not an exciting prospect or point but the faster we get those guys protected,” he concluded. “The faster they got us back to boring.”

Reynolds’ mother-in-law has yet to find him. You can get yourself a boring, invisibility-granting black tee at

Blake Lively then got involved on Instagram, joking she “fell asleep” looking at the shirt.

Credit: Instagram/Blake Lively
Credit: Instagram/Blake Lively

Separately, Reynolds has also showed support for Canadian premium fashion brand Nobis. The brand will donate 100 per cent of pre-tax sales from April 10 to 30, 2020 to COVID-19 relief efforts in Canada. International sales will benefit Red Cross globally.