Shailene Woodley chats to Tim Kash about social distancing, which movies she’s been watching, and more in a new interview with “The IMDb Show”.

Woodley gives a shout-out to her mom’s charity during the interview, as well as praising first responders who are doing all they can to tackle the coronavirus right now.

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Woodley goes on to talk about the new movie she stars in alongside Jamie Dornan and Sebastian Stan, “Endings, Beginnings”.

The presenter then asks whether she’s been watching lots of movies, with the star admitting she has, but it’s definitely a recent thing.

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“I never really watch films or TV, which is so funny considering what I do for a living. I didn’t really grow up watching them, so it isn’t something that came into my adult life,” Woodley says.

“I’ve been watching a movie a day and it feels really rewarding. I’ve been texting a different friend every day and asking for recommendations.”

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