An unlikely new talk show will be making its debut this week: “Friday Night with the Morgans”, featuring Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“The Walking Dead”) and wife Hilarie Burton (“One Tree Hill”) joined remotely by guests as they self-quarantine at their farm in upstate New York.

The couple announced the new talk show via Instagram, with Morgan admitting they’re going to “figure this out as we go.”

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Alright folks. Gonna try something here…. very much, with your help, going to figure this out as we go! Premiers April 17 on AMC at 10pm. @jensenackles and his better half @danneelackles512, and my hugely talented costar, the beautiful @christianserratos (I thought she was next week… NOPE! She’s in #1!!!) will be joining myself and MY better half @hilarieburton. I will be throwing out a bunch more information as I get it… but the plan is to maybe smile and laugh in a time that has been very hard to smile, much less laugh. We will be interacting with fans and I’m sure, NOT fans as well, which is always a good time! I now need to figure out some hashtags… hold while I do some thinking… xoxojd @amc_tv @amcthewalkingdead @themischieffarm @hilarieburton @amctalkingdead #fridaynightinwiththemorgans

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Entertainment Weekly shared a clip from the debut episode (below), featuring Morgan with his “Supernatural” son Jensen Ackles.

In the clip, Ackles reveals that it was he who introduced the future spouses to each other. “Hilarie was in town visiting, this was in L.A., and she was staying with us and so we went out one evening,” says Ackles, who appears with wife Daneel. “I remember it, it was like an Irish pub in Toluca Lake.”

“Irish car bombs, baby!” Morgan blurts out, recalling his drink of choice that evening.

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“And there we were sitting, the three of us,” Ackles continues. “And I convinced [Morgan] to come down the street and meet us for a drink, and you did. And you pulled up in your Harley, and we were sitting there in the front window, and Hilarie sees this guy get off a bike in slow-motion and take his helmet off and throw his hair, and it was all very surreal. And you walked in, the two of you locked eyes, and that was pretty much the rest of the evening.”

“It was, like, instant,” agrees Danneel.

Fans can see more when “Friday Night with the Morgans” debuts on Friday, April 17.

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