Ryan Tedder and OneRepublic will not be releasing a new album anytime soon.

The OneRepublic frontman spoke with USA Today, where he was asked about the topic of releasing music during this time.

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“Nobody can compete with the news cycle right now. And if you’re not doing that, you’re competing with ‘Tiger King’. We have this huge record that we wanted to drop in mid-May that we now won’t. It’s a summer song, it’s like the Beach Boys, it feels like it’s such a hit, but I’m not going to do it in the middle of a pandemic,” Tedder told the outlet.

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“We dropped a charity song two weeks ago called ‘Better Days’, and it’s a non-cheesy anthem about what it feels like now to be in this time and space we’re in. But the only way I could release it in good conscience was by donating profits to the Red Cross, because I feel weird saying, ‘Come buy my stuff, check me out,'” he added.

Tedder had previously told People that One Republic’s newest album was slated for Spring 2020 but because of the pandemic it has been “delayed indefinitely until fall.”