Ryan Reynolds is back helping out the SickKids hospital and this time he brought along Toronto Maple Leafs player Auston Matthews.

“I just want to say thank you so much for everything you have done with SickKids, you have my never-ending respect,” Reynolds told the pro-hockey player.

Both wearing Reynolds’ infamous ugly Christmas sweater, Reynolds and Matthews took questions from kids in the hospital.

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Keegan called in from her room where she asked Matthew if he has “ever got a hat trick?”

“Yeah, I’ve gotten a couple,” Matthews downplayed. “In the NHL I’ve only had two, but one came in my first game which was pretty cool.”

She then asked the actor if he did his own stunts in “Deadpool” or did he have a stuntman?

“The answer is both,” Reynolds explained that his stunt double, Alex, comes from Cirque du Soleil and does all the flip-type stunts. “The biggest problem is, Deadpool is not really the macho superhero so I found when I was working with stunt doubles early on they would do the flip and land then walk away really tough so I decided I have to do it because Deadpool would more sashay away.”

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Other questions included “why do they have so much facial hair” and “who is better, Deadpool or Wolverine?”

“I would like to do one more movie where Deadpool and Wolverine finally share the screen,” Reynolds admitted. “In all seriousness, Hugh Jackman is just about the greatest guy you will find in Hollywood or show business or any other place. He really is an amazing human….he is one of my best friends and I am lucky to call him that. We’ve had a bit of a fun rivalry for the last 15 years and we have about 15 years to go until we mutually retire.”

Near the end of the chat, Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively joined where they revealed she just did a voice for movie Reynolds was working on.

“But I might have got edited out,” Lively added laughing.