Ed Helms And Rainn Wilson Sing A Tribute To Ellie Kemper On ‘Hey There, Human’

Ed Helms joined Rainn Wilson on a new episode of “Hey There, Human” from SoulPancake where they looked back at their time on “The Office”.

Helms and Wilson paid tribute to their “Office” co-star Ellie Kemper with a rendition of “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, recreating the iconic scene where their characters, Andy and Dwight, tried to impress Kemper’s character, Erin.

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For a refresher of the scene, see below:

Wilson also told Helms that he “admired” how “creative” he is, including making little figures out of random objects on set.

Helms recalled how he would “pass the time” between shots by making “these little spaceships at [his] desk” with the help of the props team.

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“I had this little menagerie of Star Wars spaceships,” Helms added. Sadly, he didn’t keep any.

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