Following one of music’s nastiest, most litigious splits, Pink Floyd bassist/songwriter/singer Roger Waters went solo while his bandmates carried on without him.

While the Waters-less Pink Floyd last performed live in 1994, Waters continues to tour, performing the songs he wrote and sang for such classic albums as The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the 76-year-old musician revealed that he recently organized a “peace summit” with former bandmates, guitarist David Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason (keyboardist Richard Wright died in 2008). According to Waters, it did not go well.

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“I wrote out a sort of a plan because we’d come to sort of a — I don’t really want to talk about this — but my plan didn’t bear fruit,” he said.However, Waters insisted he wasn’t discussing a reunion or anything like this, but simply a discussion about releasing a remastered vinyl release of one of their albums.

“This was just, ‘Can we release the remastered vinyl version of Animals without it turning into the Third World War?’ Wouldn’t that be nice? I actually suggested going democratic. I said, ‘Why don’t we just have a vote? There’s only three of us…’ No, no, they wouldn’t have that. God knows why…”

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As for the possibility of a reunion, fans shouldn’t be optimistic. “No, it wouldn’t be nice. It would be f**king awful,” he said.

“Obviously if you’re a fan of those days of Pink Floyd, you would have a different point of view. But I had to live through it,” he explained. “That was my life. And I know in the wake of it, I’ve been cast as something of a villain by whoever, whatever, I can live with that. But would I trade my liberty for those chains? No f**king way.”

The interview can be viewed in its entirety in the video above.