Matthew McConaughey Guest Stars On Jimmy Fallon Soap ‘The Longest Days Of Our Lives’

Chapter two of “The Longest Days Of Our Lives” is here and it will have you holding onto the edge of your seat.

The “Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” skit starring Fallon, Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell had a special guest as Matthew McConaughey joined in for all the drama.

In this chapter, Vanessa (Wiig) reveals she is “six hours pregnant” after getting “pregnant on Zoom” but she doesn’t know if the baby’s father is Winston (Fallon) or his long-lost brother Fontaine (Ferrell).

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After some good old fashion drink throwing and slapping “famed OBGYN” Dr. DiNunzio (McConaughey) comes back from the dead to help figure out who the father is.

“I thought you were dead!” Vanessa exclaims.

“I was,” Dr. DiNunzio responds, “but when I got to heaven I decided to save my own life. I’m just that good.”

DiNunzio then announces “the father is BOTH.” This is possible because “Winston is Fontaine and Fontaine is Winston” since he “separated them at birth.”

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Of course, the question of how DiNunizo could achieve separating them since he is the same age as Winston and Fontaine came up and naturally it had a practical answer.

“I might be a baby doctor now, but back then, I was a baby doctor,” Dr. DiNunzio proclaims.

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