“Too Hot To Handle” will be your latest quarantine obsession.

The Netflix no-sex reality show sees contestants compete for a grand prize of $100,000. The catch is, every time they get physical, it costs them money. A kiss costs $3,000, oral sex costs costs $6,000, and sexual intercourse costs $20,000.

Speaking to TheWrap, the show’s executive producers, Viki Kolar and Jonno Richards, revealed the conversations behind setting those price points.

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“There were these sort of long discussions to work out what was the right amount to be a penalty when they got it, but people could still work with that,” Richards said. “It wasn’t like there was a bar tab up on the wall saying, ‘this is what x costs, this is what y costs.’”

“We wanted to make it acceptable to break the rules so that we would have a show, but we also didn’t want to be too much about the money … We felt that $20,000 for sex was big enough, but it was those middle ground things that were a big debate. We eventually settled on $6,000 [for oral sex], but I think that was a bit cheap, as well,” Kolar added.

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“It was an ongoing discussion, lots of debate,” Richards said. “Conversations you never thought you’d be having.”

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