‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Get October Release Date

Finally, some good news.

Director Patty Jenkins has shared new details about “Wonder Woman 1984” including the return to Themyscira which wasn’t always planned.

“It made sense to start again with where she comes from, to have the juxtaposition to who she is in our world,” Jenkins revealed about Gal Gadot’s Diana/Wonder Woman.

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“Men fight like men,” she told Empire. “We were mindful of that. I don’t want to be trying to look like a man. We need to fight like women.”

The Amazons fight to protect rather than for glory or just to kill.

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The film will see the return of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, but no details have been leaked about how as he died at the end of the last film. Kristen Wiig as stars as archaeologist Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah, Pedro Pascal as businessman Maxwell ‘Max’ Lord and Connie Nielsen as Diana’s mother Hippolyta.

“Wonder Woman 1984” was set to be released in June, then was delayed to August 14 and finally landed with Oct. 2.

Gadot shared her excitement on Twitter.

“The new release date for WW84 is 10.2.20. Wow, it’s finally happening, & I couldn’t be more excited! To all the fans that stuck w/ us through this time, thank u so much! We couldn’t have done this w/o you.I’m so excited for you to get to see this #WW84, it will be worth the wait❤️,” the actress wrote alongside theatre marquee’s reading the new date.

Jenkins added, “Wish we were sharing our film yesterday but there are more important things going on in our world we’d rather you focus on for now. Thank you to our fans for being so great, by our sides. Can’t WAIT for you to see it! Sending love and healing to the world. See you October 2nd!!”

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