Ricky Gervais Reveals Hosting The Oscars Would Be ‘Really Tempting’

Ricky Gervais is done with award shows… for now.

The “After Life” star is on the new cover of GQ Hype, and in the issue, discusses everything from the global pandemic to hosting the Golden Globes.

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Gervais says that the coronavirus crisis has changed his outlook on a lot of things.

“I will say also, I sort of feel a social responsibility. I do feel that more,” he says. “Like, I want to do stuff. I’m tweeting more. I’m being more positive. I want to be… I mean, I’m not going to be the Vera Lynn, but do you know what I mean, though? I think I feel like I want to do something to help as opposed to just sneer.”

One occasion that provided him a lot of space to sneer was his five-time gig hosting the Golden Globes, though he has said the most recent show earlier this year was his last.

“Yeah, I have said that before and I sort of meant it this time,” he says. “And I’ve said no the last two times and they persuaded me, but I’m really glad I did it this time because I think it was my favourite one. I think the reaction was the best. The whole thing hit a nerve.”

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Asked if he’d be up for hosting the Oscars, Gervais immediately says, “No…,” but then corrects himself: “Yes, but they would never ask me. Because I’d never do it on their terms. Now, if they said you can say what you want, that would really be tempting. And I know it would go terribly! I know the future. I know how badly it would go! And I still might do it.”

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