Harley Quinn got to headline her own film with “Birds Of Prey”, but director David Ayer is apologizing to fans for the way the character was introduced in his film, “Suicide Squad”.

Ayer has faced criticism for the sexualized depiction of the character played by Margot Robbie in the 2016 movie, saying her story arc was “eviscerated.”

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While promising to “do better,” Ayer says he tried to keep Harley Quinn “comic book accurate.”

After Ayer suggested “everything is political now” when it comes to characters, especially women, a Twitter user responded that making Harley the victim of an abusive relationship (with Joker) was already a politicized decision.

“The way your camera looked at her was political. The way you used her was political. You treated her as an object and she still rose above it. That was political, too,” the tweet to Ayer reads.

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Expanding his apology and understanding, Ayer thanked the Twitter user, adding, “I am growing and learning in a changing world.”

Robbie will reprise the Harley Quinn role for “The Suicide Squad”, a direct sequel to “Suicide Squad”. Ayer was initially set to direct but left to pursue “Gotham City Sirens”. James Gunn stepped in to direct with production wrapping up in February before the pandemic shutdown.