Sharon Stone has lost a loved one to coronavirus.

On Sunday, the actress tearfully announced her “adopted grandmother”, Eileen Mitzman, was expected to die amid complications of COVID-19. Mitzman has since lost her battle.

“Hi, I want to talk to you about someone very special to me who became my adopted grandmother, her name is Eileen Mitzman,” Stone began in a video shared to Instagram. “I met her a long time ago when I was beginning to work as an AIDS activist so many years ago, I met she and her husband, Neil, in New York at an event.”

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My Friend and Warrior

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“Tonight she is going to die in a New York hospital. She has coronavirus but she will die because she’s septic and she has other illnesses and none of us can go there and be with her,” she continued. “I think we should grieve like warriors now because holding grief will only make us sick and affect our lungs and our respiratory systems in a way we should not allow that to do. So tonight I want you to go out your window and I want you to scream and I want you to fight back and cry and scream out against this thing for Eileen.”

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She added, “I don’t want her to die alone. I want her to hear you rage on against the dying of the light.”

Fern Mallis, the creator of New York Fashion Week and friend to Mitzma, has since confirmed her death.

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I’m heartbroken to share the news that a very very special woman and friend Eileen Mitzman passed away last night from #Coronavirus. After Eileen and her late husband and Angel Neil lost their 23 year old daughter Marni to #AIDS… ( a few years after their other daughter Stacy died in a car crash) this Mother became an activist speaking out about AIDS/HIV. She was instrumental in forming #Mother’sVoices and Concerned Parents for AIDS Research which eventually joined with @amfar. Eileen was asked to speak and introduce President Bill Clinton at the WhiteHouse’s first Conference on AIDS and HIV in 1995. She helped raise millions of dollars. After meeting @sharonstone at an @amfar benefit. Sharon fell in love with Eileen and Neil and “adopted” them to become her grandparents. And they did in fact become a family. As Eileen and Neil did with everyone they met especially me and @scottbromley who she adored. When I bought my house in SH, Eileen gave me the sleigh bed, dresser and hope chest which was Marni’s and it’s now in my guest room. Eileen is finally with her beloved husband and daughters but we will all miss her warmth, generosity, her laugh, compassion, curiosity and unbelievable spirit and humanity which never wavered. RIP Eileen. I love you. 🙏🏼💔💐😷🌏

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