Rose McGowan is trying out something new, music. But, not traditional singing and songwriting.

The actress debuted a preview to a new song and album, Planet 9, on Tuesday, meant “for healing through sound and light.”

“For a long time, I worked in a strange place called Hollywood. Being an actress was my day job, but behind-the-scenes, I was honing my skills as a multimedia artist, writer and thought leader,” McGowan wrote in a statement. “After [short film] ‘Dawn,’ I began a three-year writing project, my book, BRAVE. While writing about my life and thoughts on society, I needed to create art that would be soothing. I’d always loved using my voice, it was my favourite part of performing.”

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But the meaning behind “Planet 9” is much deeper.

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“When I was a small child going through tough times, I created a utopian world in my mind and I named it Planet 9. I felt safe on this invented planet of mine. I also used to wonder what sounds existed on my planet. As life went on, I forgot about how special my planet was, I forgot I could go there in times of trouble. Six years ago, astronomers found a new planet they named Planet 9 – it’s the new planet that demoted Pluto to a star. Holy s!” she explained. “They found my Planet 9! Around the same time, I met some French electronic musicians, and I decided to make music that has the power to lift your spirit. I know this, art heals. Planet 9 takes you on a very special journey. I am not trying to be a pop star, I will not be performing this album. By using my knowledge of cinema sound design, I carefully created the sounds and words for a better place, an unknown world in our own mind that we can all travel to. Planet 9 is an artistic endeavour that I hope will help others meditate in a unique way.”

Planet 9, McGowan’s debut album, will be out April 24.