A determined fan caught the eye of Chris Hemsworth, chasing the actor down on his motorbike.

While filming his new movie “Extraction” in India before the coronavirus pandemic, Hemsworth captured an enthusiastic fan following his car through the traffic-filled streets on a motorbike. Waving a photo at the actor, the fan disappeared, only to return with more friends, at one point passing off the pic of Hemsworth to another man on a motorbike.

In the video Hemsworth shared on Instagram on Tuesday, he can be seen looking shocked by the fan’s fearless driving.

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“One of the more enthusiastic fans I’ve ever seen,” he says in the video, gesturing to the man on the bike that they couldn’t stop in the middle of traffic.

“Watch out for the- oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god…” Hemsworth says, worrying about the safety of the riders.

Eventually, Hemsworth pulled over to greet the man on a motorbike and pose for photos with a delighted crowd.

“Persistence pays off – not only did this guy get an autograph, he also does all my motorbike stunts from now on,” the 36-year-old actor joked in his Instagram caption.

Hemsworth’s action-packed “Extraction” arrives on Netflix on April 24.

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