Charlize Theron and her Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project are pledging $1 million to COVID-19 relief efforts.

A focus of Theron’s financial aid is gender-based domestic violence during the pandemic. Half of the $1 million will benefit trusted domestic violence shelters and community-based programs through Together for Her.

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Donations to Together for Her will aid services such as safe accommodation/shelter, psycho-social support, crisis intervention, sexual and reproductive health services, legal services, community-based prevention, and more.

Theron and the organizations she is working with are calling for other influential women to help support causes benefiting women in need.

“As the global spread of COVID-19 has forced people indoors, life has become even more dangerous for women experiencing domestic violence, especially for those who are most marginalized and are at increased risk of experiencing violence,” a press release reads.

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“The quarantine environment causes increased stress levels, which exacerbate tensions. Abusers feel empowered in a situation where resources and support are scarce.”

The release adds, “Not only are women experiencing this violence, but many children, who are also home from school, are witnessing the acts of abuse, and potentially experiencing it themselves.”