Dr. Jane Goodall has a warning for the world.

On Wednesday, the renowned animal activist was on “The Tonight Show” and talked about the current coronavirus pandemic.

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Goodall reminded Fallon and the audience that the crisis was “predicted to happen” and that humans have continued to “disrespect the natural world and the wild animals living in it.”

She explained that people have “taken away huge chunks of habitat, crowded animals together” and that this has “led to viruses spilling from one species to another.”

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The 86-year-old particularly called out “hunting, meat consumption, trafficking, sending over animals from one country to another — along with viruses — to sell in the wildlife market as food or pets, stressing the animals in the process.”

Calling for every day to be commemorated as Earth Day, Goodall added, “Humans are a part of the natural world and are dependent on nature.”