James Corden is airing Ray Romano’s dirty laundry — literally — on “The Late Late Show”.

Corden caught up with Romano over video chat on Wednesday’s episode of the late-night program. Romano was joined by his twin sons: Greg, who is actually a P.A. on “The Late Late Show’, and Matt.

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First, the twins were asked to retrieve Romano’s most prized possession. It was not some rare family heirloom or childhood toy. Surprisingly, it was simply a handheld flashlight.

“I sleep with this,” Romano explained. “But the truth is, I go to bed with this because I like to read and my wife doesn’t like the light. So, I actually sleep with it in my hand.”

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“One day I couldn’t find it and it drove me crazy because I need answers,” he added “45 minutes later, I was on the phone with my agent and, at that moment, I found it while I was on the phone because—because why? Because it was in my underwear. This is not a joke.”

Other gems discovered during the scavenger hunt include funny family photos and a black-and-white pillow with Romano’s face printed on it.