With quarantine and self-isolation leading to lots of movie watching and online trending topics, even celebs like James Gunn and Chris Pratt are getting involved.

After #FivePerfectMovies became a popular topic on Twitter where users list examples of their five perfect movies — either their five favourites or the films they deem to be perfect in terms of the whole package — James Gunn weighed in with his picks.

Citing “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly”, “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”, “Breaking Away” and “Babe” among his favourites, Chris Pratt got involved in the conversation after his “Guardians Of The Galaxy” director starting digging into “Back To The Future”.

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The question of why Marty’s parents George and Lorraine don’t remember him has been a topic of debate for years. They first encounter Marty — a.k.a. Calvin Klein — as teenagers and are set up on their first date by him. While Gunn questions why they wouldn’t remember the kid who introduced them is their own teenage son, Pratt has a theory.

As it turns out, the “Jurassic World” star is correct, according to “Back To The Future” co-writer Bob Gale, who confirmed the theory to The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday.

“Bear in mind that George and Lorraine only knew Marty/Calvin for eight days when they were 17, and they did not even see him every one of those eight days. So, many years later, they still might remember that interesting kid who got them together on their first date,” he says.

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Gale adds, “But I would ask anyone to think back on their own high school days and ask themselves how well they remember a kid who might have been at their school for even a semester. Or someone you went out with just one time. If you had no photo reference, after 25 years, you’d probably have just a hazy recollection.

“So Lorraine and George might think it funny that they once actually met someone named Calvin Klein, and even if they thought their son at age 16 or 17 had some resemblance to him, it wouldn’t be a big deal,” he continues. “I’d bet most of us could look through our high school yearbooks and find photos of our teen-aged classmates that bear some resemblance to our children.”

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That settles the debate once and for all and Gunn and many others can be confident in their choice to call “Back To The Future” a “perfect” film.

In addition to the 1985 Robert Zemeckis movie, Gunn also listed some more picks he would consider “perfect” including “Rashomon”, “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”, “Chinatown” and “The Thing”.