Jameela Jamil Defends Herself After Interviewing Demi Lovato: ‘I’m Not Being Dragged Into Celebrity Feuds’

Jameela Jamil is over stan culture.

After interviewing pop star Demi Lovato for an upcoming episode of her podcast “iWeigh”, the “Good Place” alum defended herself against fanbases who claimed her interview goes against her other friendships. Twitter users brought up the fact that Jamil is friends with Taylor Swift, who has had a long-rumoured feud with Lovato.

“I’m not being dragged into celebrity feuds,” Jamil began. “I’m 34. I’m not involved in any of these dynamics. I don’t care which of them dislike each other. I’m interviewing interesting humans sharing their unique mental health journeys that may help others to learn about. Demi’s episode is 👌.”

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But when a Twitter user hit back with, “You’re just best friends with Taylor Swift.” t

The actress wrote, “I know and like all of these women separately.”

Adding, “Their interpersonal histories and relationships are not my fight/business. Not all humans have to get along. Not all women have to get along. It is not as black and white as the internet decides it is. Humans are very complicated.”

Jamil and Lovato’s full episode airs April 24.

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