Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is praising a Guelph, Ont., superhero for her efforts in helping fight the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Three-year-old Nahla Brown, also known as Super Nahla, was called into action and her heroic mission was captured in a four-minute video.

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“Of course I can help you,” Nahla can be heard saying during a phone call, supposedly with Trudeau.

“I’m going to save the world of the coronavirus,” she said while jumping into action and donning her superhero costume, complete with a red mask and a pink cape.

Super Nahla’s mission, which included several daring leaps from the third step of the staircase, displayed her greatest feats of strength as she promoted social distancing and staying inside.

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She then single-handily saved her friends and rid her house of the evil coronavirus.

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“Hi J.T. I saved the world,” Nahla was heard saying during her debrief over the phone.

The prime minister even took to his verified Twitter account to thank Nahla and let her know how much he appreciates her joining the fight against COVID-19.

“We’ll need your help and your superpowers against I’m sure — I know you’re up for the challenge,” Trudeau wrote. “Stay safe and stay strong!”

The video was put together by Nahla’s father, Bill Brown, who is a local football coach and teaches grades 7 and 8 at John Galt Public School.

He said he’s been trying to home school her, and the superhero character was a bit of a drama lesson.

“ABC’s and 123’s are great for 20 minutes or so and we just started to fool around on other types of media,” Brown said. “Getting in front of the camera seemed natural for her.”

Brown said the video was also a way of educating his daughter about the dangers of the virus and he shared it online to spread some positivity on social media.

He tagged Trudeau in a tweet and it gained some traction online with a few shares, but it was helped along by Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie who brought the video to Trudeau’s attention. It was even Guthrie who told Brown that the prime minister had responded.

So what does Nahla think of the fame and getting a personal thank you from the leader of the country?

“Tha’s the thing about a naive three-year-old, right? It’s not going to her head at all. She has no idea,” Brown explained.

“I wish I could be three again.”

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Brown said his daughter could have some new adventures coming up. She has her eyes set on the upcoming Canadian Football League draft on April 30.

“You might see Nahla Brown drafted to the CFL,” her father said.

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