With “Homeland” set to conclude its eight-season run on Sunday, April 26, stars Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin paid a virtual visit to Global‘s “The Late Show” to discuss the series finale with host Stephen Colbert.

During the segment, Colbert enlisted the actors to play a game he called “There’s No Place Like Homeland”, in which he attempts to ask as many questions about the finale as he can.

Among the answers Colbert sought was whether Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) or Max (Maury Sterling) are brought back for the final episode.

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“What?!?” Danes replied. “Impossible.” (A solid answer, considering both characters had been killed off.)

Colbert also wanted to know if Patinkin’s character Saul Berenson turns out to be the bad guy.

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“Oh my God, I can’t believe you thought of that, Stephen,” Patinkin responded. “You are just… you should have been Carrie Mathison.”

For his final question, Cobert asked each to describe the series finale in a single word.

“Conclusive-ish,” offered Danes, while Patinkin added, “I would say beginning-ish.”

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The stars also pondered how their respective characters would respond to a pandemic, revealing very different responses.

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